October 2006 Issue

                                                                                   Tina Imel

Welcome. There are eight fantastic stories in this issue of Giggle Water Review. Unfortunately, it will be the last issue. Though it has been a wonderful experience, I have found that I just don’t have the time to devote to it. The site will stay up, however, and if anyone needs to contact me, you can email me at wurdwise@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading!

Denise Kincy, Editor


A Present for Alejandro
by Jenny Jackson

Heaven in a Drop of Water
by Joseph Blessin

Another Do Over
by Phoenix Aiden Tempest

Ruth Has Her Days
by Tom Conoboy

The Last Color Game
by Gale Martin

Gun Control
by Stephen Dorneman

The Jeweled Egg
by Monica Felix

by Bob Meder

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